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Oppermann und Fuss offers a comprehensive service package for construction machinery with ROCKMASTER. As Art Director at Creative Minds, I fully supervised the project from concept to technical implementation. The responsive website features not only great micro-interactions and a modern layout, highlighted with thin line “rock” illustrations that animate across the images. It is also particularly high-performing and accessible, reaching a wide audience including those in developing countries. Part of the overall concept is also a brochure highlighted with a bright accent color, emphasizing the ROCKMASTER brand.


  • UI Design

  • UX Design

  • Frontend Development

  • Visual Design

  • Editorial Design

  • Web Design


OPPERMANN & FUSS at Janine Weitenauer – Creative Minds


Industrial Machinery


From equipment planning to lifelong support, ROCKMASTER showcases the 40 years of industry-leading expertise of OPPERMANN & FUSS.


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Machines you need. People you trust.

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